Minimalism: A Uniform

Hi internet familiars.

I was casually browsing my reader today when I decided to search for ‘minimalism’. My search returned a few dozen results including one called ” The Slow Minimalist“.

I personally have enjoyed all the posts I have read so far but the one that really struck a cord was about the minimalist concept of a uniform.

Prior to starting my minimalism journey, I loved buying things. It was a competition with myself to see how many bags of clothing I could bring home after a trip to the mall. When I think back on it now, I am grossed out. Not only because of the number of unnecessary things I bought for the sake of buying BUT the amount of money I spent.

So the idea of a uniform intrigues me. I like the idea of not having to make decisions so early in the morning but I also do not want to have onlt 3 shirts and 3 pants. So I will go about creating my uniform slowly.

Like The Slow Mininalist, I don’t mind being insulated from advertisements of things I don’t need to create the image of a lifestyle I no longer cared for. Second, like most people, I wear the same 15 items in my wardrobe. So the idea of maintaining a simple wardrobe actually makes me feel elated. Additionally, after the 30 day minimalism challenge and Project 333, the idea of bringing things into my space gives me anxiety. The bonus of creating a uniform is that it will help cut down the cost of buying clothing that is impractical or trendy.

So starting today I will begin the process of creating my uniform. Wish me luck as I wish you the same. I have faith in us.


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